Growth is optional. Change is inevitable.

A merciless force threatens our multiworld. To save us from the eternal void, a curious entity summons the first of six enlightened humans to initiate a life-altering legacy.

The First Notes

A Companion to The Zinder Series

After eons alone, the Zinder summons its first human companion. It's time to integrate.

In the late nineteenth century, unorthodox and strong-willed, Tulsi Avaho, travelled over land and sea guided by a voice that only she could hear. It steered her to a mountain near a small town in Queensland, Australia. There, she found a talisman called the zinder that responded to her touch as if it were alive. From that day on until she mysteriously vanished twenty-two years later, Tulsi documented her time as the zinder's keeper.
After her disappearance, her notebook was concealed inside a peculiar device until the beginning of this century when something interfered with the sacred technology that powered it. The device failed. A handful of yellowed paper slipped out revealing to the world Tulsi's first few weeks with the zinder. These notebook entries are now yours to read.


It’s what’s on the inside that matters.

THE ZiNDER is a fantasy book series with science, spiritual, and supernatural themes.

There are no references to, insinuations about, or affiliations with any religions in this work of fiction.

It is suitable for ages 14 and above.


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