About Taya Wood

Taya Wood was born in the UK and now lives in Australia. From a career in graphic design to consulting in the creative industries, a lifelong interest in metaphysics led to writing mystical science fantasy. She makes her debut with The Zinder Series.

About The Zinder Book Series

The Zinder is a fiction book series with science, spiritual, and supernatural themes by Taya Wood. It follows Lucida Green as she unravels the mysteries of a mysterious entity.


There are no references, insinuations, or affiliations to any religions in this work of fiction. 


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Eternal life now has an expiration date.

THE ZiNDER is a visionary book series with fantasy, science, spiritual, and supernatural themes.

There are no references to, insinuations about, or affiliations with any religions in this work of fiction.

It is suitable for ages 14 and above.


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