A whimsical, witty, far-fetched sci-fi series about a creation game played by an immortal who builds a universe with a glitchy planet.

Book One Novella Released September 2022

For Gelda, Cosmo Dome is something new to do. For Ludor, it's a ticket to freedom. For those inside, it's home.


In the higher realm of Oridian, immortal life is complex and occasionally unsatisfying. In the utopian world of Equion, bored householder Gelda Varda needs something to reignite her passion for life. She’s lived for trillions of years and doubts there’s anything new to experience until an opportunity comes along to play Cosmo Dome.


The aim of the vintage game is to create and take care of a biosphere and Gelda’s is a rare, handcrafted universe model. Relieved to finally have a new purpose, she doesn’t mind that a glitchy planet has stalled construction after her cat knocked the biosphere off the kitchen bench. What she does mind is that a cruel and ruthless collector wants her game. If he gets hold of it, her universe won't survive. From calm to chaos, lucky Gelda's a cup full kind of person.


With a retrieval squad led by the feared and admired Ludor on her tail, the only way Gelda can stop the collector is to finish the creation levels. With the fate of an unfinished universe in her hands, Gelda joins forces with Cosmo Dome’s best players and the inventor himself. Divine Intervention mode may be the game strategy that will save her beloved game, but Ludor has his own reasons for seizing the coveted game and he’s not afraid to go rogue to get what he wants.

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