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Long ago in an immortal world that's like ours but way better, the greatest creation game ever was invented. Cosmo Dome was eons ahead of its time but it wasn’t promoted very well so it didn't get much attention. It did okay on the game charts but then most people forgot about it. Now centuries later, with only a handful of enthusiasts still playing, an unlikely player might have what it takes to master the trickiest model:


The Universe.


It’s bewildering. It’s irresistible. It’s glitchy.


With the right help the Universe could be the best creation game ever completed, but it will take a miracle to get everyone inside to play by the rules.


Venture into the ridiculous in this new series that explores what would happen if reality was broken. There may be no stupid questions but there are some very stupid answers, and this is one of them.  

Readers are describing it as, "Engaging, fun, entertaining, and unique."

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