It's all just fun and games.

It’s just another dull century for Gelda the immortal, until she plays Cosmo Dome. All she wanted was a new hobby but now she’s responsible for an entire universe. Building it won’t take too long, they said, but a mystical cat and a collector of preserved realms have other ideas… not to mention that every universe has that one planet that ruins it for all the rest. With the right help Gelda may complete the game and end up with a universe that survives an eternity, but she may need a miracle to get everyone inside to play by the rules. No worries. It’s just a game. 


Traversing parallel worlds, Cosmo Dome is suspiciously relatable with the all-too-familiar nonsense we endure as, um, civilised beings. Creator meet creation in this whimsical and witty series that has serious philosophical undertones as it attempts to solve the age-old mystery of why cats push things off high places. It's important stuff.