Astral Finkle

Some naps are life-changing.

Embark on a surreal odyssey through the dimensions of Existence.

Finkle is a sassy and quirky black cat whose curiosity knows no bounds. With a wit as sharp as his claws, Finkle embarks on a cosmic escapade in the boundless expanse of Existence, that defies the limits of imagination. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering spirit, Finkle's quest unfolds against the backdrop of a universe in turmoil.


From the familiar confines of Physical to the ever-shifting landscapes of Semiphysical, and into the mysterious depths of Unphysical, Finkle's pursuit of a seemingly inconsequential bad smell sets in motion a chain of events that will alter the course of reality itself.


Along the way, he teams up with an unexpected companion, unraveling mysteries and outsmarting adversaries with quick thinking, clever banter, and an alluring and confounding paw upgrade.


As the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, Finkle discovers that he is part of a larger narrative—one that defies logic and challenges the very notion of existence. With each twist and turn, Finkle and his eclectic band of allies uncover secrets that threaten the delicate balance of life everywhere.


Filled with humour, wit, and a touch of the extraordinary, "Astral Finkle" is a science fantasy adventure that will leave you laughing, gasping, and eagerly turning pages. Get ready for a wild ride through dimensions unknown, where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance and adventure awaits at every turn.

"If you're craving a blend of cosmic wonders, fantastical adventures, and a sprinkle of clever wit, then "Astral Finkle" is the perfect escape."

"This is an unforgettable journey through the cosmos, where every page promises excitement, intrigue, and laughter."

"It will keep you hooked until the very end!"


Astral Finkle



Dimension: Physical

Bilocation: Upper Oridian Hollow


Whiskers twitching, Finkle the black cat scampered up the hollow hunting down the source of the foulest odour he’d ever encountered. The all-pervading stench was a pungent mix of musk, funk, and filth that packed a wallop of power and danger and launched a full-scale assault on his refined feline senses. Finding where it came from and tearing it apart would be such a relief!


Sniff. Sniff, sniff.


‘What in the worlds could conjure such a stink!?’ the self-proclaimed detective of smells muttered in a mix of bewilderment and disgust.


The astral plane stretched out before him, an endless canvas of shimmering energy. It ran through the dark and empty central passage of the Upper Oridian hollow that linked the dimensions of Physical and Semiphysical. Travelling at what seemed to be a fast pace, the cat kept to the middle of the passage where it seemed warmer and drier. The sides tended to feel damp and slimy, like sliding up a moss-covered wall. It was off-putting and distracting and drew the cat’s claws, burdening him further with an unfulfilled yearning to scrape marks on or into something. It was gearing up to be quite the adventure.


With his critter senses tingling and his shaggy black astral coat spiked straighter than usual, Finkle departed from the main passage and darted down a narrower one. It was clammy and tight so avoiding touching the sides was challenging. He almost made it to the end, but the passage became tighter at the exit. Squishing through left a horrible damp sensation against his astral hair. Face squished, both cheeks slid across the slimy surface.


'Ugh! Why do bad things happen when you’re trying to avoid them?!' Finkle grumbled, directing his rhetorical question to whichever knucklehead or joker held the reins of fate. He wiped off the slimy residue with both front paws even though there was nothing really there. At least I'm not dealing with this for real, he thought with mild relief. A vague image of his actual body napping in the wardrobe back at home in Physical, flashed through his mind. Not that it matters, he decided. Astral experiences were all about perception and his was sharper in a nap than awake. Navigating the real world's chaos could be a whirlwind of noise and smells. As an interdimensional explorer, he cherished his freedom, despite the baffling rules beyond his realm. A map wouldn't hurt, though!


The exit catapulted him back into the main tunnel of the hollow and he tumbled to the centre in relief. Settling into a good pace, Finkle sensed the crossing into Semiphysical before he saw it. The shimmering forcefield of light danced like oil on water, casting a pale green glow. It looked mysterious and enticing but Finkle wasn’t fooled.


‘Ah, the crossing of underwhelm,’ he grumbled with faux drama. It wasn’t the first time that he wondered what unimaginative creator made it. For a border between dimensions, it was a great disappointment. There were no riddles or elaborate locks to challenge his wits, nothing interesting at all.


Without theatrics or surprises, Finkle ventured through the bland forcefield into Semiphysical. The atmosphere of the higher dimension felt wistful, as if a lullaby was softly playing in the background, cradling him into a dreamy state. The adventurous black cat had visited Semiphysical many times before, but he’d never quite figured out if the dreamy quality was the dimension itself or the result of astral travelling in a catnap. Pondering such mysteries was a waste of time. No one he knew could navigate the hollow or explore higher dimensions, whether they were awake or asleep. It made him feel privileged and just a little lonely.


Unlike the damp moss sensation of the Oridian zone, in Meldge, it was more like sliding through thick fluid. Undeterred by the slippery sensation, Finkle surged forward, propelled by determination and a mild distaste for slime. Zigzagging through the tangled passageways, Finkle followed his nose through every twist and turn. Suction pockets were dodged, and passages were navigated with the grace of a cosmic acrobat, or at least that’s how Finkle fancied he looked to others, if there were anyone around to admire his skills and talents. There wasn’t. He was barely there himself.


Sniff. Sniff, sniff.


The stink led him to one of the countless portholes dotting the hollow’s crust. Claiming it as his own, Finkle scratched his mark above it and leaped into the Semiphysical realm of Meldge.

What readers are saying...

“I am sitting here trying to find words to describe what it was like to read it, and I'm literally tongue-tied. I should have gone to bed over 4 hours ago.  Once you start reading this for yourself, you'll understand why I'm not in bed yet. While the story revolves around a game being played, it is unlike anything I have read before. So I'm saying this is unique, original, extremely satisfying, definitely engaging, and creative. I can only hope that when (or if) I get a book done, it's as polished and entertaining as this one is.”


- Bec, Cleveland, OH


“It's very much something I've never seen before. I really can't get over the fun this book portrayed. I adored how wacky, a little crazy and unique the world and characters are. The prose in this was fabulous. It moves the story along, makes an insane world more understandable and really sells the story in a great way. Nothing is left unexplained or confusing, which for normal scifi can be a problem. This was well done and incredibly entertaining to read. I would highly recommend this!”


- Aoife, Goodreads

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