Are you a writer, artist, designer, or musician who wants to turn pro, but something stops you?

It's time to knock down those blocks so that you can do what you love and get paid for it!

Ready, Set... Pro Book Cover (it's yellow :D)

Ready Set Pro


So you've made the decision to turn pro—or you're seriously considering it. Before you commit to the exciting and daunting entrepreneurial journey ahead, there's something you need to ask yourself:


'Am I ready for this?'


Be honest with yourself. Is your self-talk supportive or does it bring you down. Are you even aware of it? 


The sooner you identify your mental blocks, the better your chance of enjoying a smooth ride. This is your dream come true—not just another means of paying the bills. What's the point of doing it unless it's fun? A little mental preparation goes a long way.


READY SET PRO will show you how to spot and manage lurking doubts and fears so that you can:

  • Appreciate that what you create is valuable to others
  • Cultivate an attitude of abundance
  • Express yourself truthfully
  • Become a 'creative contributor'

It will also teach you about marketing with grace, insight and heart-felt sincerity so that you can:

  • Convey passionate and authentic messages
  • Self-promote on your terms
  • Add you to your marketing
  • Apply the Passion to Profit Formula so you can sell with integrity
  • Understand the relationship between giving and receiving
  • Enter the sales arena with confidence and integrity

Deep down you know you have what it takes to make a success out of your creative pursuits. The things that stand in your way—your fears, insecurities, financial beliefs and lack of knowledge—aren't permanent. YOU have the power to remove them.


READY SET PRO will help you to make the shift and break through to being a prosperous creative professional so that you can:

  • Live your dreams
  • Profit from your passion
  • Live the lifestyle you choose
  • Support your family
  • Choose your own hours (work when inspiration strikes!)
  • Afford the studio space of your dreams
  • Inspire, educate and influence
  • Contribute the gift of your creativity to the world
  • ...Live a joyful, productive and liberated life!

It's time to get into the right mindset to knock down your limiting beliefs and gain the confidence you need to enter the marketplace. Being YOU is the key. Informal and to the point, READY SET PRO will reveal to you how to be ready, willing and able to contribute your work for profit, your way and for what it's worth.


Get ready to live the life you love!