The First Notes

A merciless force threatens our world. To save us from extinction, a mysterious entity summons the first of six enlightened humans to initiate a life-altering legacy.

After eons alone, THE ZiNDER summons its first human companion. It's time to integrate.


In the late nineteenth century, an ancient entity summons the first of six humans to initiate a life-changing legacy. Tulsi Avaho didn't expect to travel so far, but the voice in her head wouldn't be silenced. It led her to a small mountain in Australia, where she unearthed a peculiar treasure. Mesmerised by its flexible appearance and life-like behaviour, this strong-minded young immigrant embarks on a journey of discovery into a surprising reality as she’s driven to unravel the mystery of THE ZiNDER.

Discover THE ZiNDER through the eyes of its finder in this series starter.

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