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As a member of my Review Crew you will receive an eARC (Advanced Reader Copy eBook) of each of my future releases in exchange for an honest review posted during launch. Reviews must be posted on, B&N, iBooks, KOBO, GooglePlay, Goodreads, or any other book places you like to visit. The more the better but at least one review must be on a sales site.

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If selected, I'll email you a link to download an advanced copy of an eBook via BookFunnel, an author service that specialises in eBook distribution. You can choose the format depending on your device. Your copy is uniquely identifiable to you and is tracked. Review copies are limited, for your eyes only, and should not be shared with the public. There is also no financial compensation for reviews. 


It's not a requirement that you love the book, though obviously I do my best to write stories you'll enjoy. The ARC is provided in exchange for an honest review only.  The review can be short, a single sentence is fine, or as long as you like. However, please refrain from including spoilers.


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Sending copies in the mail is time-consuming and can be expensive to send overseas from Australia. To qualify as a paperback reviewer you will need to meet the requirements of an eBook reviewer (see above) and also post on socials to an account with influence of 1K+ reach with followers of SFF, whimsical, absurd, or unique books. Contact me to discuss


Cosmo Dome Book One

Book: A Faulty Universe Begins

Series: Cosmo Dome

Genre: Science Fantasy



Gelda is an immortal person in a higher realm who rediscovers a passion for life by playing a retro video game. The goal is to build a universe and keep it alive, but the hardware is defective and things go wrong, inside and out. Other main characters are a reclusive inventor who's abandoned his loved ones and wants to make amends, a reluctant thief who's chasing freedom, and a mistake-prone but gifted coder.


Popular tropes are unlikely heroes, alternate universe, everything isn't what it seems, utopia vs dystopia, and a hint of enemies to lovers in an emerging romance. While the tone is light-hearted and satirical, there is violence and gore (some immortals like to kill each other for sport!).


The central theme is reality as a defective video game. It’s a harmless satirical take on creationism but people who take their religion seriously may take offense as the series takes place inside a multidimensional reality where the infinite realms of existence fit together like onion layers and every realm is created and managed by someone from the realm above it.


If you want to know more about how these realms connect and the events leading up to this book, you can read the prequel short story Preamble Stumble (free download).