The Zinder Talisman
The Zinder

It starts and ends with humanity.

Packed with intrigue, this imaginative book series captures the charm of summer in a sub-tropical Australian town as an underground battle threatens the fabric of reality.

In the late nineteenth century after an eternity of inertia, the zinder chose the most mortal of all beings, a human, to fulfill its life-altering purpose. In exchange for protection and devotion, it gifted unique talents and access to its secrets, birthing a lineage of supreme humans called Samaran. 


Since then, five generations of samaran have been its custodians. Each inherits talents superior to the last, dedicating their lives to its purpose, advancing their legacy, and growing a deep bond with the mysterious object.


At the start of the twenty-first century, with our world on the brink of a new era, the sixth samaran is born. The evolution or extinction of all living beings lies in her hands. 

If you like books that bring magic to the familiar world through an unexpected hero, then you’ll love this series.

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Get started on this epic tale of power, perception, and purpose today with THE FIRST NOTES! Discover THE ZiNDER through the eyes of it's first custodian in this short prequel.

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The Zinder is most powerful in the left hand of the samaran

The Sixth Samaran

An aggressive virus spreads decay. The cure lies deep inside a mysterious entity. Five enlightened humans have disappeared attempting to find it. Lucida is the sixth. The continued existence of all living beings depends on her finding THE ZiNDER.

Lucida Green breathes living colours. She's not the first with this remarkable gift, but she may be the last. This small-town Aussie girl is about to embark on a life-altering mission. Does she have what it takes to save us all?The border between this world and the next blurs in this dreamlike and surreal tale. 

THE ZiNDER is a book series with fantasy, science, spiritual, and supernatural themes. There are no references to, insinuations about, or affiliations with any religions or belief systems in this work of fiction.