The Cosmo Dome Series

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Readers are describing it as "Engaging, Fun, Entertaining, and Unique!"

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In the beginning there wasn’t just one word. There were several, and some were missi_

On another plane of existence, Jawanza the orator makes worlds come to life by reading aloud from a mysterious script to celestial spectators. Despite birthing countless flawless worlds into being, for the first time ever he's forced to improvise. One wrong sentence could destroy an entire civilisation but a whole paragraph could really mess up an otherwise pleasant realm.

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A Faulty Universe Begins


All she wanted was a new hobby. Now she’s responsible for an entire universe.

Gelda is an immortal person in a higher realm who’s trapped in a dull life that just won't end. It’s not just her gadgets that are past their expiry dates and breaking. She’s frail and weary, and desperately in need of a rebirth. 


When an opportunity comes along to play the vintage creation game Cosmo Dome, Gelda hopes it’s the answer to her woes. The goal is to craft and care for a biosphere, but Gelda soon discovers she’s got the glitchy Universe model. What starts out as a bit of fun turns into an epic mission. Help from experts and playing in Divine Intervention mode may be the winning game strategy to save the Universe, but there are other forces at play that weren't part of the game plan. Several cups of kerai later, things aren't much better, but Gelda’s got nothing better to do with her time. 


With strong female leads and plenty of diverse characters, A Faulty Universe Begins is a cosmic fantasy adventure for adults that’s lighthearted and somewhat absurd. It might make you lose touch with reality but you'll get to visit immortal utopian and dystopian worlds and find out what it would be like to build a universe and keep it alive.  

What readers are saying...

“I am sitting here trying to find words to describe what it was like to read it, and I'm literally tongue-tied. I should have gone to bed over 4 hours ago.  Once you start reading this for yourself, you'll understand why I'm not in bed yet. While the story revolves around a game being played, it is unlike anything I have read before. So I'm saying this is unique, original, extremely satisfying, definitely engaging, and creative. I can only hope that when (or if) I get a book done, it's as polished and entertaining as this one is.”


- Bec, Cleveland, OH


“It's very much something I've never seen before. I really can't get over the fun this book portrayed. I adored how wacky, a little crazy and unique the world and characters are. The prose in this was fabulous. It moves the story along, makes an insane world more understandable and really sells the story in a great way. Nothing is left unexplained or confusing, which for normal scifi can be a problem. This was well done and incredibly entertaining to read. I would highly recommend this!”


- Aoife, Goodreads

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A Glitchy Galaxy Gets a GOD


Making time isn't easy, but someone's gotta do it.


Cosmo Dome is a cosmic fantasy book series with science fiction, LitRPG, and metaphysical themes. There are no references to, insinuations about, or affiliations with any religions or belief systems in this work of fiction.