Taya Wood

Laughter is my medicine

Music is my muse

Dance is my freedom

Nature is my sanctuary

Storytelling is my purpose 


I was born in the UK with Welsh-Bajan heritage, and grew up in The Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia, and on an island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. I now call the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia home. 


A career in graphic design and consulting in the creative industries inspired me to create the LIFE MOMENTUM™ PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT SYSTEM and several self-help books, including READY SET PRO

  • I love onomatopoeia words (and alliteration always and affectionately). 
  • I’m ridiculously gullible – tell me anything and I’ll believe it.
  • I do a good unintentional pun. 
  • Mindfulness is my highway.
  • I’m around 62% fickle—wait, make that 76%.
  • At all times I reserve the right to contradict myself.
  • Have rope, will tie self to tree.
  • I'm really a pixie (shh, don't tell anyone).
  • Current interest: biohacking for a supercharged body and brain.
  • There's a good chance that I'm not entirely normal.
  • Tell me that something is impossible and I'll prove you wrong. Limits are just forced breaks.

A lifelong interest in storytelling and metaphysics, led to writing speculative fiction. THE ZiNDER SERIES has taken many years to unearth and I'm stoked to share it with you ❤️ 

Eternal life now has an expiration date.

THE ZiNDER is a visionary book series with fantasy, science, spiritual, and supernatural themes.

There are no references to, insinuations about, or affiliations with any religions in this work of fiction.

It is suitable for ages 14 and above.


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