A Glitchy Galaxy Gets a GOD


Making time isn't easy, but someone's gotta do it.


What readers are saying...

“I am sitting here trying to find words to describe what it was like to read it, and I'm literally tongue-tied. I should have gone to bed over 4 hours ago.  Once you start reading this for yourself, you'll understand why I'm not in bed yet. While the story revolves around a game being played, it is unlike anything I have read before. So I'm saying this is unique, original, extremely satisfying, definitely engaging, and creative. I can only hope that when (or if) I get a book done, it's as polished and entertaining as this one is.”


- Bec, Cleveland, OH


“It's very much something I've never seen before. I really can't get over the fun this book portrayed. I adored how wacky, a little crazy and unique the world and characters are. The prose in this was fabulous. It moves the story along, makes an insane world more understandable and really sells the story in a great way. Nothing is left unexplained or confusing, which for normal scifi can be a problem. This was well done and incredibly entertaining to read. I would highly recommend this!”


- Aoife, Goodreads

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